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The CICT examination is held twice yearly in June and December. The examination is divided into three parts of two sections each and an information systems project. Each section consists of three papers. A candidate may attempt two sections in a part together or separately in ascending order but before proceeding to the next part, a candidate must pass the lower part. Similarly, a candidate must successfully complete Part III before undertaking the information systems project.

The examination is rigorous and standards are high and therefore a candidate is advised to devote approximately the equivalent of eighteen months of full time study for each part of the examination.

A student should programme the studies in such a way that makes it possible to take and pass the three parts and the information systems project in a duration of between four and a half and six years following the date of registration as a student of KASNEB. In this way, a candidate will be able to set aside three years as a margin of safety in case of unforeseen circumstances in the preparation for the examination.

Holders of the final CICT certificate are eligible for admission to pursue masters and other higher degrees in reputable universities both in Kenya and foreign countries.

It is advisable for students to look for ways and means of acquiring practical experience so that they can match progress in the examination with competence in performance of duties in the work environment.

The following are the papers contained in each part of the CICT examination:


  1. Introduction to Computing
  2. Computer Applications - Practical
  3. Entrepreneurship and Communication

                                           (Duration Six (6) Months, Charges: Ksh.14,500)


  1. Operating Systems - Practical
  2. Principles of Accounting
  3. Computer Support and Maintenance

                                         (Duration Six (6) Months, Charges: Ksh.16,000)



  1. Database Systems
  2. System Analysis and Design
  3. Structured Programming

                                         (Duration Six (6) Months, Charges: Ksh.16,500)

  1. Object Oriented Programming
  2. Web design and e-Commerce
  3. Data Communication and Computer Networks (Practical)

                                        (Duration Six (6) Months, Charges: Ksh.18,500)



  1. Strategy, Governance and Ethics
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Mobile Application Development

                                        (Duration Six (6) Months, Charges: Ksh.21,500)


  1. Systems Security
  2. Information Systems Project Management
  3. Research Methods

                                        (Duration Six (6) Months, Charges: Ksh.23,500)

Information Systems Project

After successfully completing Paper Nos. 1 to 21 above, a candidate will be required to undertake an Information Systems Project.

The candidate shall not be awarded the CICT final certificate until the candidate satisfies the examiners in the Information Systems Project.

A candidate shall be expected to complete the project within two years after completing Paper Nos. 1 to 21 in the CICT examination.