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Webbs InstituteWebbs Institute is a happy thriving community which strives for excellence in developing professionals in the field of IT and Business whilst retaining a warm, friendly learning atmosphere. Our Labs and lecture rooms are structured to make education very personal. The labs are between 10 and 15 students.
We believe that our students should enjoy their time at Webbs which is achieved through knowing our students thoroughly, caring for their needs and helping them to establish their identity and self-esteem in their careers. Achieving this balance requires a special brand of qualified trainers and support staff in addition to students who are prepared to be guided and nurtured. Thankfully, we have both.

The Institute is accredited by the Ministry of Education (Mohest/PC/185/012 and National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).
We would like each person to realize his/her full potential by the time they finish their course with us so they are confident, assured Professionals ready to embark in their careers and work life.

To be the leading training institution of choice

Offer quality training and development through a system that ensures practical competency for our customers

Passion is the key to delivery.
Self drive is the force behind every motion
Quality Delivery is a coordinate effort.