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  • Childrens Home Visit

    As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we have partnered with Huruma children’s Home. In life, there is nothing that pleasures one's heart than to touch somebody else's life. To make a positive impact on them. To see people's lives change for the better because of your kindness. Since we became a partner.    Huruma children’s have been our dearest things to behold. It's not just our adorable thing that gives us so much joy, but other people too.

We have become so attached to children's welfare and thats was why we decided to do something to this childrens. Outspoken American political conservative, Rev. William Boetcker, once said, “Your greatness is measured by your kindness”.






  • Donating sanitary towels to school girls in poor communities

Ustawi project is an initiative of Webbs institute, its part of the institutions CSR which is seeking to provide washable sanitary pads to school girls in poor communities to ensure they don't miss classes during their menses.

This initiative has been driven by the fact that about 65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads. Evidence suggests that the period around puberty is one in which many girls drop out of school or are absent from school for significant periods of time. This means that over 850,000 girls miss 6 weeks of school every year and women miss valuable work hours.Limited access to safe, affordable, convenient and culturally appropriate methods for dealing with menstruation has far reaching implications for rights and physical, social and mental well-being of many adolescent girls in Kenya and other developing countries as well. It undermines sexual and reproductive health and well-being and has been shown to restrict access to education.


Visit www.ustawiproject.org to see more about this noble initiative.