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Given the opportunity, young people can be a driving force in creating positive change in their lives and the community. Youth are highly capable of designing solutions to the challenges they face daily.

Webbs Institute provides that opportunity. Young people are trained on practical ICT skills, supported, mentored, challenged, and mobilized to start their own businesses.Youth Empowerment

The program runs for a period of six months with the following objectives:

1.To raise the level of knowledge about Information Technology (ICTs) and increase the level of competence in using personal computers and common computer applications to the youth.
2.To offer internationally accepted and GOK’s accredited certifications to the youths that will elevate their recognition in the modern market and the whole world in the first three months upon commencement of the training.
3.To assist the youth to use computer software’s to produce professional-level communications, applying graphic designing skills and general creativity to produce high quality graphics for their future clients by the 6th month after commencement of the training.
4.To train the students to develop WebPages by use of the available range of real-world web design approaches and prepare them to the job market before they finish their third form.
5.To develop a mentorship program for the students to as they go out in the job market, by organizing career workshops, open talks by experienced people etc.